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DLA is Catawba County’s choice for DWI and other substance use related services. If using alcohol or drugs has landed you in legal trouble or is jeopardizing your job, life or family, you need to contact us today! Don’t give up, there is always a way out of the hole you’re in. You have more options than you might realize.   
​”Sometimes darkness can show you the light”   -Disturbed

DWI Specialists

DLA  (Doris Lasley and Associates) was created in 1993  by Doris Lasley to provide the required services for folks with DWI’s and other alcohol and drug problems.  Since then, thousands of people have graced our walls and have gone on to have successful lives and drive legally again! When you come here, we don’t make your life difficult (that already happened ), we provide the way out.

Drug Charges, Under 21, Failed Drug Test, More…

Positive drug screens and unresolved drinking and drug charges can sabotage job seekers, military enlistees, college applicants, etc. They can also lead to jail. None of this need be necessary. You have options. We can help!

Job, Family, Custody

Drinking and drug use happens. We know this, but what about when it spills out and threatens our livelihood, our relationships, our lives! What should we do then? I have personally been through this exact thing. Help was laid out for me and I took it. My life changed dramatically for the better. Yours will too!   DL

Assessments and Evaluations

  • Your attorney says; “Get an assessment before we go to court.”
  • Having an assessment is required to get a Limited Driving Privilege.
  • Your Probation Officer orders an assessment after an ‘unfortunate’ incident to help you avoid jail time.
  • You still haven’t done your classes and you want your license back.
  • You have a custody hearing and the Judge wants to know if you have any substance abuse issues that need addressing.
  • DSS requires an assessment and possibly treatment as a part of your case plan.
  • You need to clear up a DWLR conviction.
  • There’s been an incident; alcohol and drugs are a factor, but that isn’t the real you. You know your life can be more.​

Education and Treatment

Our education and treatment programs are efficient, effective and affordable.  We have structured them to fit the sometimes hectic schedules of our clients without interfering with the other demands of their lives.
Whether it’s a first time possession charge (90-96) or a 3rd DWI, the program you complete is designed to satisfy the requirements of the DMV, Courts, Probation, Employers, DSS and most importantly, you! You’ll see that we speak your language and that we have a genuine understanding of your needs and wants. Don’t put this off. Do something now! We will be with you every step of the way.

  • Serving Catawba County since 1993
  • DWI experts (in state and out of state)
  • ADETS and DES (90.96) programs
  • Comfortable and welcoming environment
  • Professional-Courteous-Fair-Friendly
  • Morning and Saturday group times

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